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Sep 11, 2023 03:36 Stable profit Dear partners!

Due to the expansion, as well as stable and growing profit of our project, we temporarily increase partner deductions.

Registration bonus: 28.50 $
Bonus for a new partner: 0.07$
Bonus for a new partner: 7 INI

Our team does not stand still, and is constantly developing, giving our partners the best in the world of investment!

Our projects:
Sep 9, 2023 13:27 Get high income and withdraw your profits anytime! There is no point in waiting for cryptocurrency to grow, invest here and now.
Get high income and withdraw your profits anytime!

We develop every day and provide services at the highest level.
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Aug 30, 2023 13:03 STAKE INI will be available soon Welcome to the dawn of a new era with INERTIX – where prosperity knows no bounds.

With each passing day, our family of investors continues to grow.

INERTIX stands apart from its competitors, boasting a range of distinctive advantages including substantial profitability, unwavering reliability, robust security measures, a forward-looking investment vision, and a commitment to providing impeccable service.

However, we remain dynamic, constantly striving to enhance not only our operational strategies to ensure our customers' profits, but also the overall quality of our services.

STAKE INI will be available soon
Aug 20, 2023 13:57 Pre-ICO: Stage 5 We are glad to inform you that the 4st round of ICO is over!

Pre-ICO Launch: Stage 5 - 20.08.23/20.11.23

Pre-ICO: Stage 5 - $ 0.40

Listing price $INI: $0.55

The last round of buying INI tokens is left, after which we will gradually enter the cryptocurrency exchanges!

You will be able to exchange, play, earn on our projects, by spending INI tokens you will be able to earn USDT/BTC/BUSD/LTC

Coming soon: Staking INI
Coming soon: Inertix SWAP
Coming soon: INERTIX Wallet
Coming soon: INERTIX Casino

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Aug 11, 2023 14:33 The site functionality is fully restored! Due to a critical database error, some partners have stopped receiving accruals on deposits!

All accruals on old deposits will be received within a few days.
Accruals on new deposits are working properly.

Also, we have registered a new domain!
Transfer all your referral links to the new address:

If your account balance is not displaying correctly, please contact support!

Thank you for being with us!
Aug 5, 2023 21:27 Tehnicinal works Dear partners!

Some partners are experiencing technical problems with accrual of interest on deposits.

Other functions are working in normal mode.

Our specialists will soon fix everything.

We apologize for the inconvenience!