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Inertix are automated investment solutions that demonstrate ways to combine digital technologies, automated investment algorithms, and passive or active investment management based on a private investment fund.

Inertix aims both to strengthen the investment potential of our company and to enable thousands of users to earn on cryptocurrencies with a strong and reliable partner like us.

Our platform is a great combination of privacy and publicity. Publicity lies in the complete transparency, predictability and the automation of the company's work. Privacy guarantees the complete anonymity of our customers and partners as well their ability to decide when and how much to invest or withdraw.

The main idea of the company is the approach to traditional financial markets in non-traditional digital ways. Technologies in the world of investing are changing rapidly, thereby displacing methods that were considered profitable yesterday but are already outdated today.

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Investor risk insurance is our priority. To eliminate the possibility of investment losses, we invest more than 30% of our income in leading hedge funds. Their strengths include top talent, a unique management approach, and a strategy to bet on the relationship between investments rather than what will rise and fall.

Our investors' investments are backed by the world's best hedge funds, including Bridgewater Associates, Tiger Global Management, Pershing Square and Jana Partners. Working with the largest hedge funds completely eliminates financial losses and allows us to invest in crypto, technology startups and other profitable businesses.

Benefits of DeFi:
  • Decentralized finance (DeFi) is flexible, fast, pseudonymous, and most importantly, open to all.
  • DeFi aims to create open-source, permissionless, and transparent financial markets that are inclusive and accessible.
  • DeFi is a sector that has the potential to disrupt the traditional financial industry with blockchain-based financial applications and services.
Tokenses - IEO and IDO

Investments in this area are one of the most popular and effective ways to increase capital. New crypto projects conduct tokens in specialized sites, where our team willingly receives and redeems accessible allocation. After further leaflets and the development of the ecosystem, most of these startups grow significantly in price, thereby bringing us tens, hundreds, and sometimes even 1000% of net profit.

NFT sector

The NFT market is rapidly gaining momentum and develops, so our analysts distinguish part of capital for investment and speculation on it. We are sure that in the next 5-10 years this area will be applied everywhere in various areas of life!