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May 12, 2024 14:28 We have successfully added new payment systems for withdrawals! We have successfully added new payment systems for withdrawals!


Withdrawal commission: 0%

Transparency and reporting: We will provide you with reports on the performance of our financial instruments management so that you are always aware of what is happening.

Expanded payment systems: More than 30 payment systems will be available on our platform, providing you with maximum comfort when depositing and withdrawing funds.

Increased income and shorter deposit life: We are pleased to announce that with our updated deposits, you will be able to generate more income in a shorter period of time.

Advanced Affiliate Program: A new affiliate system with a tiered ranking structure and triple affiliate accruals will open up higher earnings for you.

Update 2.0 will be rolled out in phases through 2024. We are also preparing a detailed roadmap for the next year, where you will see promising startup projects that will help us achieve strong results in the cryptocurrency market in 2024. Our mission is to provide you with interesting and profitable opportunities in the world of investments, and we are sure you will enjoy it.
Apr 20, 2024 03:47 Inertix Crypto Card Inertix Metaverse Crypto Card!


How Inertix Crypto Card Works?

1. The account balance is equal to the balance of the Inertix Metaverse Card

2. Spend Crypto Directly
Our crypto card allows you to spend your crypto directly at any store worldwide — any time your card is charged, so is your crypto balance

3. Crypto Cashback
Get up to 3% Crypto Cashback in our $INI token for your crypto card transactions

4. Real Time Crypto Conversion
Convert your cryptos at market price when you pay with crypto card at a 0.8% fee

5. Free Card Order and Delivery
Order your crypto card in just few clicks and start SPENDing cryptos practically anywhere!
Apr 16, 2024 20:07 Stake $INI Stake $INI and share the prize pool of 100,000 USD

Grab $INI & USDT
Superb Double Launchpool

Enhance your income via the 30-day limited offer:

Stake $INI

Max stake per wallet: 40000 INI
Stake 1000 $INI in Holder Pool to join

Hurry up to take advantage of it!

Earn great yield.

Stake $INI provides users the ability to earn yield in a sustainable way or hedge against divergent loss using various options strategies.
Mar 31, 2024 18:05 Withdrawal of $INI Withdrawal of $INI tokens to projects of our partners is available:

New projects will be gradually added!

Inertix is a constantly growing and developing project and aims to be here for the long run.

Join our investment fund and receive daily profit and many attractive bonus programs!
Mar 19, 2024 22:30 Future DEX listing Inertix Metaverse is the new reality of the 21st century, which is inevitable today. dream of INERTIX to open its Metaverse and give users the opportunity to enjoy time in a unique space.

Our projects where you can already play/exchange $INI tokens.

1 INI - $0.55

Future DEX listing:


Future listing on cryptocurrency exchanges:


Inertix Metaverse is a financial provider that provides its own services and products so that you and we can make the most money using our investment and trading technologies.
Mar 18, 2024 14:14 USDC We have successfully added new payment systems for withdrawals:


Withdrawal commission: 1.5%