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Oct 24, 2023 13:45 Bonus +15% Bitcoin rate exceeded 35,000 USD!

When you top up your account balance using BTC, we give you a bonus of +15% of the top-up amount!

Only from 10/24/23 to 11/03/23

The maximum replenishment amount is 10,000 USD.

Inertix is a constantly growing and developing project and aims to be here for the long run.
Oct 10, 2023 19:30 Vote On which cryptocurrency exchanges would you like to see the token $INI ?
On exchanges top 10 token $INI will be released 2024-2025.
Listing price: 1 INI = 0.55 USD
Oct 3, 2023 00:19 Site update completed! Site update completed!
All deposit payments will be received soon!

Soon you will find improved functionality with the ability to sell INI tokens!

If someone’s account balance is displayed incorrectly, write to support, our specialists will fix it.

Best Regards, Inertix!
Sep 30, 2023 16:22 Website update Dear partners!

The site is undergoing a major update and some features may not be available!

Now some partners have stopped accruing deposits, don’t worry, all accruals will arrive within 3-5 days!

We will notify you when the update is completed successfully.

Best Regards, Inertix!
Sep 29, 2023 19:42 BETA TESTING V2 We invite you to take part in BETA TESTING V2 INERTIX CASINO and INERTIX SWAP!


Your account must have more than 50,000 INI

Available Games:


Supported wallets:

MetaMask BEP20

Supported exchange:


You can exchange up to 30% of INI from your total balance!

To participate in the BETA TEST, send us an email application and we will send you access to your personal cabinet.

[email protected]
Sep 29, 2023 03:07 Stage 5 Pre-ICO: Stage 5 will end in 52 days!

Round 5: 1 INI - $0.40

Listing price: $0.55

No one can stop the $INI revolution!

Inertix is a constantly growing and developing project and aims to be here for the long run.

Join our investment fund and receive daily profit and many attractive bonus programs

Get passive income from 0.93 - 4.20% per day!

With a deposit of 5000 USD, you will receive 210 USD daily!

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