Dec 12, 2022 00:49    bagusI think it'a good project...with the passive income we can make profit everyday...still confuese to witdrawal...
Dec 12, 2022 00:07    EmiliamartinaGreat app!
Payout took a few hour but got paid.
Dec 11, 2022 23:06    DuongvanhungMới cài nên tạm thời chưa có nhận xét gì. Hi vọng trong tương lai sẽ phát triển tốt hơn.
Dec 11, 2022 21:15    TavedMasih bingung tp dikit2 belajar..semoga cuan
Dec 11, 2022 20:47    lephuoclongDự án tốt hy vọng nó sẽ thành công sớm
Dec 11, 2022 20:10    Sapana30My daily bonus not active, how can I active?
Dec 11, 2022 17:12    MoamenThe best passive income application. I love her. I passed the 1000 dollar threshold, but I'm still accumulating to see how far I can accumulate. I only have 16 referrals but I would like to have more. I am trying to bring more people into the Inertix network.
Dec 11, 2022 10:00    amanamanBaru coba standar semoga cuan y
Dec 11, 2022 04:02    AdrianHaber si podemos y con suerte ganamos algo y seguimos invirtiendo sería la ostia
Dec 10, 2022 23:22    shqiprimPayout + 20 dollars came almost instantly
Dec 10, 2022 21:08    miheevich222Total investing is now 590.5 usd, my plesure can be participate In inertix , i hope can be stable and long life....thx
Dec 10, 2022 16:37    azizXlGood luck and profit.
Amount Transaction ID Status Date
12429 0.00100000 CPGL4CUELVTWLMSMNTKC9DFLW2 Complete 10 Dec 2022 - 07:17
Dec 10, 2022 03:42    Ngoc829Dự án rất tuyệt vời tôi chân thành cảm ơn
Dec 10, 2022 01:38    spak46On the project on month. I don’t regret connecting! I invested a little but there is a positive. Thanks a lot to the team !!!
Dec 9, 2022 21:11    Outpunkinertix is an exceptional and above all safe platform. I have been with them for almost 2 monthey and I have invested about 2000 dollars. I will continue.